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Process Flow
SNC utilizes a synthetic blend of TPS, SOP, Progress control, and A-3 development that enhances your team's ability to improve efficiency and flow. This blend of skills results in the highest levels of throughput for your organization. Whether in a manufacturing or distribution operation, these models allow your team to benchmark and develop top practices that allow for continuous process improvement. SNC can work alongside your staff to diagnose areas of improvement and implement re-engineered process improvements that point straight to your net profitability.
Process Development
SNC firmly believes that organizations with strong standard operating procedures and processes will always be the most effective in delivering the highest levels of quality, throughput, and safety. These elements are the foundation that allow for continuous improvement. Our team has a proven methodology for evaluating, stabilizing, and improving existing business processes.
Supply Chain Optimization
Continuous Improvement
Our team's 37 years of combined Continuous Process Improvement experience spans multiple approaches including Six Sigma, TQM, TPS, and Juran Quality Systems. SNC believes that sustained improvement requires more than a power point. With your team, we can quickly assess current conditions, understand root causes, evaluate, and then implement counter measures that will deliver measurable improvements in quality, throughput, and efficiency. SNC will invest the time and energy to truly understand the issues in front of you and identify how they are affecting the profitability of the organization.
Safety and Quality Systems
Process improvement is key to building your culture of quality and safety systems. Our team will help identify cultural road blocks, proceed to overcome them, and then assist you in shifting your culture to achieve safety and quality in your DNA. We understand that safety and quality are more than directives from management. They are the physical implementation of behavioral shifts that direct the result. Whether your team is in the planning phase of a culture shift, or in the final phase of a safety/quality roll out, we can help your team build a proactive safety environment versus one that is reactive accident susceptible.
Organizational Development
Our organization can help you with Kaizen processes and team building processes that will allow you to further your skills in efficiency, quality, and lean. We can also facilitate the development of Standard Operating Procedure documents. We have the ability to coach your team members including managers, supervisors, team leaders, and group leaders. SNC Solutions has the capability in facilitating leadership from mid-level management and down. If you would like to speak to a member of our staff regarding our services please call us at (800) 351-7958 or email your name, company, phone number, and any additional pertinent information to:
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