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Storage System Design and Integration
Our Staff has designed and implemented hundreds of systems, using pallet rack shelving, cantilever, mezzanine, conveyor, pick module, and storage shelving systems. For the client who needs one section of pallet rack to the organization that requires a fully implemented storage system, we have the team to design and value engineer your distribution process, from conception to birth.
Space Optimization
It is our team's belief that space optimization is a major key to production control as well as throughput. We understand how to utilize new and used pallet rack shelving, mezzanines, pick modules, shelving systems, and other material handling techniques to get your footprint to its full potential. Before you sign a new lease or prepare for an expansion, allow SNC to assess your needs. We have the CAD capabilities to provide detailed renderings that maximize your cubic capacity resulting in reduced footprints and minimized overhead expense. All of which, points to the bottom line.
Reconfiguration and Relocation
Whether your organization is faced with a relocation, consolidation, or simple rack reconfiguration, using new or used material handling equipment, our team can help. SNC has assisted hundreds of organizations of all sizes and industries plan, prepare, and execute the project. We believe that a relocation or reconfiguration is a unique opportunity to enhance the organization at the operational level.
Permits and Compliance
Nearly half of all storage systems are not engineered or permitted. This leaves your organization vulnerable to costly compliance citations and possible safety hazards. SNC can assist with permit code compliance for Building & Safety, Planning, Engineering, and Fire Departments (HPS). From site survey, plan preparation, and submittal, to final inspection, SNC can work with local authorities to quickly get your material handling storage system approved and inspected.
Motion Systems
Motion and conveyor systems are critical to elevating efficiency and process improvement. Whether powered or gravity fed, single box or pallet flow, a well, thought out and designed conveyor can make all the difference in eliminating foot travel for employees. Taking time out of the operation = efficiency. Motion systems help take time out of processes and often have a much shorter ROI than anticipated. SNC has the knowledge and expertise to evaluate your current condition, provide an expected ROI, and implement motion into your operation.
Site Selection and Fit Test
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