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Warehouse Storage Systems
in Southern California


Pallet rack is the most common storage system and often the most cost-effective solution. Using a combination of tear drop uprights, load beams, and wire decking, storage configurations go “up” not “out.” Systems can start with a single rack section and develop into a fully integrated warehouse storage solution as your demand increases. SNC in Southern California can help your business identify opportunities for pallet rack storage, value engineer your system, permit the materials, and professionally install the system. Whether you are looking for a single rack section, or a high-density solution with wire guidance, SNC is the resource for all pallet rack materials.


Commonly referred to as “push-back” or “drive in” systems, high density storage is the greatest use of your facilities cubic space. Structural push-back carts rest on pallet rack materials and are gravity fed towards the aisle as the pallets are retrieved. High density storage eliminates the need for multiple aisles and increase space utilization by as much as 500%.

SNC can quickly determine if high density storage is value added for your organization, produce position layouts, determine ROI, and implement the fully engineered system.


Cantilever storage provides a solution to larger and longer materials that would otherwise be stored in bundles and floor stacked. Commonly used for pipe, sheet material, wood, bulk steel, and more, cantilever utilizes upright columns, bases, and arms to support the loads. SNC can evaluate the size and weight requirements of your materials, design, and install a cantilever system that delivers effective space management for otherwise unmanageable materials.


Carton Flow systems are first in first out (FIFO) systems that replenish case or broken case inventory in real time. The system utilizes a bed of rollers that allow product to slide forward via gravity flow after a SKU is removed. This creates efficiency in pick time, as well as during restocking. Because of the unique configuration, it allows restocking to occur simultaneously without interrupting pick flow. Carton flow systems can work in conjunction with pallet rack systems, which can supply replenishment materials up above the pick levels.


Automated systems are a sophisticated way of maximizing both efficiency and density. Automation reduces reliance upon forklifts and forklift operators to store and retrieve pallets through the introduction of pallet shuttles. These pallet shuttles operate deep within storage lanes and with minute levels of precision. This solution work best with high volumes and low SKU counts. Due to the positive impact automation can have on cubic density and pick efficiency, in combination with the reduced need for forklifts and operators, automated solutions can provide short-term ROI and long-term productivity.


  • Free Standing Mezzanine A platform style mezzanine provides the option to add additional square footage to a facility. The added space can be used for pallet storage, production/value add areas, or additional office space. Square tube or tapered columns support the joists and struts to hold flat decking above operations. SNC can design and engineer the proper free-standing structure to compliment your operations, not obstruct workflow.
  • Rack Supported Mezzanine Built on pallet rack materials, this form of mezzanine is often the most cost-effective way to use cubic space to its full potential. Storage is gained above the structure with open deck space, plus, the support for the deck is usable pallet rack. SNC is fully qualified to help determine if a rack supported mezzanine is right for your organization.
  • Pick Module Supported by boltless shelving or pallet rack materials, pick modules allow for catwalk deck level(s) to be added between the racking storage to increase square footage of picking area while eliminating the need for lift equipment. This storage arrangement is ideal for organizations with significant SKU demand and high velocity of smaller products. Multiple storage layers can be added when demand increases, so the structure can grow with the organization. SNC can quickly assess the level of demand, and help your team determine if a pick module is the right move for your organization.

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